Simply Sunday Challenge: Think Positive!

Hola Hola!  Its another Simply Sunday Challenge!  This week over at Getting Cricky the challenge is to create a project with the Think Positive theme.  You can interpret that any way you like!  
And of course the stamp set that would be great is Kristal’s Positive Thoughts Art Stamp set! The sentiment I used was the Forgiveness one.  
Ahh to forgive.. gosh it takes a very big heart to forgive someone that has done you wrong.  I know one person that I have Forgiven for all that he has done.  I forgave but I still won’t forget.  Gosh I’m crying.. the weird thing is that while I’m typing this post the song from the Dixie Chicks that is playing is “Not ready to make nice” in which she talks about forgiveness.  Gosh.. once I forgave him.. wow my life just opened up!  I’m so happy now. Yes, I miss him. I miss the fact that he is not part of  my family. Like the lyrics say..” they say time will heal everything but I’m still waiting!”  Yup I’m still waiting.  HPIM1641 (213x614)Yup My daddy! I love him so.. I forgive you Dad and Love you so much! Loved the Good Times we had… and those not soo good days well its just made us stronger. He  instilled in us the value of an education and he always made sure we had everything we needed. We never went hungry and we also had clothes on our backs.
SO y’all are probably wondering how does this translate into think positive??  Well, If I hadn’t forgiven him, I still will living with a heavy heart and hate.  I would always be thinking of all the bad times we had. I refuse to live like that. I would rather live my life loving the good times we had with him!  He’s still around and I know He had so much hate in his heart. I know its not his fault. The war messed him up. We loved him with all our heart but It just wasn’t enough.  But we still loved him with all his faults.  So that is positive! The freedom and the love in my life is all positive!   Ok.. enough crying!!!    On to my CARD!!! 
005 (640x604)
It’s a simple card.  I used basic gray chipboard pieces and some statin ribbon. The background paper is from Making Memory.  These are my fave colors!! Oranges, browns and greens!! Love it!! 
Click on the picture below to head on over to Kristal online store to purchase this awesome stamp set. Remember $1 from ever sale of each stamp set goes to charity. Also, don’t forget to go to Kristal’s blog, Getting Cricky to enter in the Simply Sunday Challenge and to also be inspired both artistically and spiritually.
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  1. Beautiful card. Wonderful, wonderful post!!

    Precious Hugs

  2. Beautiful card Kathy! Your post is wonderful- forgiveness is the key to happiness.
    Big Hugs Sweetie.


  3. Very pretty card! :)


  4. Love your post and it is difficult to forgive and I didn't have a good relationship with my father either and it is hard...but we have to think of positives to lead to forgiveness and thanks for sharing your story and the beautiful card you made. :)

  5. Your card is so pretty, Kathy! I love that color combo as well.


  6. Wonderful card. Thanks for opening up about something personal. My father & my mother are both deceased. My father instilled the independence & responsibility factor in me & for that I'm greatful.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  7. Oh Kathy, your post made me cry. You are so right, it is better to forgive than live with the heaviness of hate in your heart. You are very brave and strong and this card is simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us :)


  8. This card is beautiful. The tear adds something special to the card.

  9. OH WOW!! What a beautiful and elegant card!!

    Lots of love

  10. This is so pretty! Such a beautiful card.
    Hugs, Jenni


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