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Pink Persimmons Challenge...

Well... Since I won the card challedge at Get Sketchy and it was a Gift card to Pink Persimmons.. I went to take a look at their site again and notice they have challenges as well.. so here is my card challenge for them. After seeing on here.. I don't know if i like it..... Hmmmm

GET SKETCHY #16 & CuttleBug Challenge #59 & Kaboodle

Well I can't believe I won last week Get SKETCHY challenge..I'm still glowing!! LOl I'm so excited!! This is this week challenge..

On another Note, I will be entering this challenge in the Cuttlebug challenge #59.. they wanted of course something cuttlebugged, bling and glitter.

Ok So, when I took the picture the glittery didn't show.. I used a shimmer glitter mist from SU. Its really shiny in person! For the 1st time ever I used CoreDinations! I LOVE IT.. thats a bit bling for me and another bling is the button! Since i'm a plain jane kinda girl this is alot for me! HOPE YOU LIKE!!


OMG.. i was actually jumping up and down.. MY BF was like umm your gonna fall! LOL... AHHH

i'm so happy !!! go to this site to see!!!


Found some new BLOG CANDY! Go take a look at this awesome website!
She is also a SU demo! You know How i love SU!
So go to>>>SCRAPMATER'S Paradise!

Cricut Card Challenge #3

Hello! This Cricut Card Challege #3 was to use white, pink & green! I just bought Joy's of the Season Cart at M's today!! Ohh I love it!! The shapes are too cute!!

Get Sketchy Challenge 15

So here is my card for the Get Sketchy Challenge #15.
Take a look at the other folks who are entered in the challenge at GET SKETCHY.

My 1st Word Album!!

I struggled so much with this! I wanted to use chipboard that I got from packaging from books at school. Well, when I finally bought the deep housing blade, it wouldn't cut! Even after 6 cuts.. then it would move,, i wouldn't move to the currently place.. It was just very cheap chipboard. So I decided to use cereal box type paper!

I now know to use a thicker font for this.. I should of used the blackout letters. I used the swivel clasp by tim holtz.. i saw Cristina from Creation with Cristina use it in one of her episodes. I finally had went to a M's that had them!

I think its ok for my first word album! My brother will like it! HE will cry!

Hope you like!!

PS: Press the pause button on the player on the right so you can hear the video!

Cricut Card challenge2 & Papertake Weekly Challenge28

Ok.. so i'm killing two birds with one stone! Papertake weekly challenge has this sketch for there challenge this week....
And Cricut Card Challenge #2 states we can use any cricut cart...and any color but it has to be a thanksgiving theme! PERFECT!
I made this card with:
SU Kraft Cardstock--Yay finally bought some! I love seeing Kwerner use it! The maple leaft is from Stretch your Imagination Cart
Hope you like!

AWesome Michaels Find!!!

I was in a SHOPPERS HIGH!! Ok.. SO i went to micheals just to see what they had and how to use my 40% coupon. Well I walked in and saw they had a 90% off rack.. hmm Halloween.. looked at what they had ...THEN I looked at the bottom and saw some paper pads.. HMMM this must be a mistake! SEI paperpads.. and MME.. hmmmm one says 24.99.. Can't be 90% off.. But i grabbed the two. Went looking around found the refill for my zyron. ..

When i went to the register.. the MME came up for $1.99! YES 1.99! OMG.. then she scanned the SEI.. hmmmm wait no UPC code on it.. I told her they were both on the rack in the front.. She goes ahh i'll scan it the same as the other!! YES i got them both for $1.99!!! YAY!! AWESOME DEAL!!

Soo.. take a look at my video for a more detailed view of my paper!! I said Hobby Lobby in video but i meant MICHAELS!
Remember: Press the Pause button on the Player on the right so you can hear video!

Today's Mama Holiday Give away w/ Provocraft!!

Mama’s Holiday Wish List MemeTodaysMama and Provo Craft are giving away a sleighful of gifts this holiday season and to enter I’m sharing this meme with you.

1. What 5 items are on your holiday wish list this year? a) new clothes b) cricut cartridges c) new oven d) scrapbooking supplies e) lose more weight!

2. What is your favorite handmade gift you have received? a blanket! love it

3. What handmade gift have you always wanted to tackle? to make a quilt

4. What was the best Christmas gift you received as a child? barbie dream house!

5. What items are on your kid’s wish list this year? She wants softball items!

6. What is your favorite holiday food? Tamales

7. What will you be hand-crafting for the holidays? Xmas Cards/Mini Books

8. What is your favorite holiday movie? Little WOmen

9. Favorite holiday song? Have your self a merry little xmas.....

10. Favorite holiday pastime? Going fishing on Xmas Day!

Click here to see an example.

Send us a link to your post via email with “Wish List M…

candy candy and more candy

Isnt' this an awesome blog candy?

Take a look at True Gifts from the Heart blog!

more blog candy!

Take a look! I love blog hopping! Passion for Crafts


OK.. found a blog.. ya know how much i love blog hopping! So Take a look at her blog at
BEADZ . Have fun! WIsh me luck that i win!!

Cricut Cardz Challenge!

YAY! I found another challenge blog! This one we have to use our cricut! YAY! I need to use my cricut more often when i'm making cards!

This is Cricut Cardz Challenge 1st ever challenge! We had to create a card with the cricut and use any color. I decided to use a cartridge I've used only once. HOME ACCENTS! OMG! I am in love with it!! Love IT! It is a solutions cart.. I never really looked at it. It came with my E. I really need to use it again! I love it! (didn't i say that already?)

Well the card is simple... but its soo pretty! I love it! I love the shading I did on the pear! its too cute.. It looks like i knew what i was doing! LOL Hope you like!

I gave up a Stampin up CLUB!

Ok.. so with our family budget being cut by $300 per month.. I decided to give up one of my Stampin up Monthly Clubs! So thats about$24 more in my pockets! When another lady said she will fill in.. i was so thank full.. then in the back ofmy head.. i was like ohhhhhh

I can join a Close to my Heart CLUB! UGH.. i'm so bad! But i didn't... So... i'm working on my Scrapbooking/cardmaking budget! One step at at time..

I'll be doing alot of challenges in hopes I win prizes! :)

Get Sketchy Challenge 14

So recently..when i charged on my card.. (i know i shouldn't have) this was last weekend.. I found out that ROSS dress for less has Scrapbooking ITEMS! WOW! found some nice xmas stuff. Well i found a card kit. hmmm How can i make it my own? Well i cut up the cards and made this card. Hope you like..

GetSketchy Challenge

Feeling like a Failure...

So I am banded.. LAP Banded... July 20, 2009.. i've only lost 30 lbs.. been stuck at minus 30 for a few months. I've heard people mention they only can get a good 1/4 cup of food and they are good to go.

ME? i'm still eating a good 1 to 2 cups. More like 2- 2 1/2 cups! I don't know.. Dr. is putting a 1/2 cc per month. He said he does not want to over do it. He gets patients all the time saying they are miserable because they can't eat. He is happy if i only loose a good 1 lb per week. UGH!

Why can't i stop eating? I"m so addicted to food! I have no idea how i'm going to do it with the holidays! I have to cook thanksgiving lunch at work. UGh!

Today.. for the 1st time i feel pain in my port area! Never had that feeling before. I feel like a big ole loser! Why can't i get this to work! Sometimes I feel maybe my band slipped! What does it feel like when my band slips?? I don't know... I sooo want to cry! Why can't i do this…

GetSketchy#13 Card Challenge..

I am soo late posting this! I did this a while back but haven't posted! This is a Thank You card I made for CraftJunkie TOO for the prize she sent me!! I was sooo excited to receive it!!
So here is the card and the sketch! Thanks for looking!

I am sooo SAD!!!

I have been BANNED! I'm not talking about my LAPBAND! MY boyfriend.. just told me I have a problem! I am spending too much $ on my scrapbook and cardmaking supplies. Which I'm sure you all are thinking... HEY you work .. its your MONEY! But its MONEY I don't really have to spend! :( I'd rather buy supplies then EAT..hmmmm but i still haven't lost any more weight!! UGh!! (side tracked--sorry)

I had the PINKSTAMPER Video in my cart at custom crops... i told him he was like.. Kathy... you have a problem.. you do not have money. :( I need to stop charging on my CREDIT card when.. i'm out of my money... :( ugh...

I OHHH SO NEED TO WIN scrap prizes to feed my HABIT!

*** I leave you mourning!!! :( waahh ahhhh waaahahhh !!

Since it says Weight loss Journal on top!....

OK.. haven't put in anything weight related in a while. Don't know if some of you all know.. but back in July 20th, i had the lapband operation. Which means, i got a band around the top of my stomach. This makes a smaller pouch on top for my food. So i'm suppose to feel fuller sooner.

Well i'm still stuck at 30 lbs lost. I'm am eating less but I could do better.. i'm so in love with food!

Well reason i'm posting this is because i made a revelation yesterday. I was out eating lunch with my mom at this very nice chinese resturant. We placed our lunch order (beef mushroom) then the people with carts were passing by offering dim sum.. Hmmm never had dim sum before.. so we got asian pork spare ribs... (YUM! nice flavor) then shrimp spring rolls. OMG sooo good!

then our lunch we ordered came... hmmm i looked at it... ate one bite then i couldn't anymore.

MY REVELATION?! Before my lapband.. i would of eaten the whole thing! WOWO! I've come a long way! I still…

blog candy!!!!

Just found a new blog! Its so cute! She is givingaway a candy.. she has reached over 100 followers!!! Hmmmm if i reach that many.. i will do the same too! I've been collecting items!! :)

take a look at her cute blog!!!

Scrap Obsess with Jess


Ok.. So I woke up very early today so I can attend a community yard sale here in town. About 85 Families were going to participate! OMG there were lots of folks in that neighborhood!

I was kind of disappointed because there was only 1 place that had something scrapbooking related! Which is what i got! Take a look at this AWESOME DEAL!!!!

Don't forget to turn off the player on the right so you can listen to the video!

Boo-LOG Prize!! its here!!!

Take a LOOK!!


Don't forget to turn off the player on the right so you can listen to the video!

PeachkyKeen Challenge #15

Ok.. so I really like this card. As I do not have many Xmas stamps...The ones I do are tiny I would really love to win a big xmas stamp..(HINT HINT)... heheheeh

So here is my PeachyKeen Challenge #15 card... SKETCH first then CARD! Hope you like... Simple simple simple...

Get Sketchy #12 & Papertake Weekly CHallenge #27

Ok.. I went ahead and posted the two challenges in one post. I took advantage of the fact that the phot upload was working and if i tried to do a seperate post, i knew it wouldn't work!

This is my Papertake Weekly Challenge # 27. Sketch then My card follows! :)
So here is my Get Sketchy Challege #12... Here is what it suppose to look like then my entry.


I was noticing someone became a follower and i saw the photo .. and it looked kinda of nasty..and when i clicked on it! AAAAAHHHHH NASTY! some pervert signed up as a follower and it lead to a sex site!! GROSS !! GROSS .. SO for now i took off my followers link.. until I find out how to take them off!!

GROSS GROSS GROSS.. I guess I have to now but a spam code on it or something...


Sorry folks if it offended anyone!
_______ UPDATE

Please remove BABYBOY from your followers site.. I noticed when i removed them from my site.. he is following scrappbooking site! I had not noticed the pic what it was of.. yuck! look closely and remove them!!

People are so disgusting!!!!



I can not believe it!! I"M SO EXCITED!! I won on her afterparty contest!!! Ok.. i won a set of clear stamps.. Don't know what kind.. but i don't care!1 I WON !! I actually won something!!

This is too fun!!!

THANK YOU TRACY !! I love all your videos!!! I've learned some awesome tips!!