Shaker Card using FOOD FOR THOUGHT Stamp set by K. Andrew Designs!

Yes my fellow Scrappers and Card Makers, I finally made a Shaker card!  I tried last night, in which I spend over an hour with two types of cards and couldn’t do it! I gave up.  So this evening I tried my hand at it again. This time I used a Cricut cartridge.  Ok yesterday I was trying to do one  with using only stamps but nope.  I needed a Cricut cut! 

I of course used K. Andrew Art Stamp!  I used “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”  for this card, you will be be like what!! Yes I did! On this ROBOT card!?  What!!!  YUP!  Food for Thought can not only be used for food related cards, etc. but it can be used for other cards!  I love that K. Andrew stamps are so versatile!

001 (474x640)

I couldn’t find beads small enough to put in the center of his body so I put Glitter.  only thing is that it is sticking to the transparency. I really need to find some beads.  I am submitting this card into Erika’s Shaker Card Challenge over at her blog, CRAFTY SPROUTS.

SO where can you find yourself some awesome stamps? Head on over to Kristal’s store, K. Andrew Designs. Remember every stamps purchased $1 will go to charity! How awesome is that!! foodforthoughtblogpreview

Click on picture above to take you to Kristal’s Store!! 

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~~ Kathy ~~


  1. This is great Kathy. I love the idea of glitter...use a "Powder" puff to take off the static before adding your glitter...that should help.
    I would be honored if you came to see my blog here

  2. Kathy what a cute creature! Yes I too face problems when using glitter for shaker cards!


  3. hehehe... this card just brought a smile to my face! very cute!!! TFS!

  4. Super cute Shaker card!! I love the little robot the glitter add just the right amount of sparkle!! Kathy Our walmart hehe has some tiny beads in the jewelry section for $1.50 that is where I got mine :)! TFS and joining my challenge!

    Lots of Love,

  5. Great job, love the robot!!

  6. Your robot shaker card is too cute! I love it. I bought my beads at Joann's, and I also saw some at Walmart.


  7. this is a great idea love the card


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