Birthday Tomorrow..

Ok.. so My birthday is tomorrow.. about 26 minutes from now. Wow.. i'm getting order! If I were to have a baby, i would be in that percentile that needs to becareful due to my age. I would have to have an amnio! Kind of scary... i guess no baby for me!

As I type, my birthday cake is in the oven.. smells yummy! So what are my plans for my BDAY? Well Fernando is going to take me to the movies! I want to see Julie and Julia! THen he is taking me out for lunch or dinner! Then home to eat my CAKE! Yummm.

No major celebrations. Just 1 year older and down almost 30 lbs! YAY! My mom and grandma got me giftcards to buy myself new clothes! My pants are falling off and my blouses are tooo big! YAY! Good sign! Sooo looking forward to buying new clothes!

Well thats all for now.. my cake is about ready to get out of the oven!

BYE!! :)


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