A Mini Album in progress....

Well, I am currently working on a mini album...BUT its not mine! I am helping my step-daughter work on a baby album. Nope not her's! Her element for science. She has to create a baby album for her science element. OMG my cricut, Everyday paperdoll cart, my top note die, cuttlebug..etc have all come in handy! She is so into making this album! If she doesn't get the most points for it.... I"M CRACKING SKULLS!!!!

I will be posting either a pic or video of it soon. We should finish it by tomorrow. It is due on THURSDAY! Its soo cool! :)

~~Pleasant Dreams~~



  1. LMAO, cracking skulls! I would be saying the same. I love it when my talents can overflow into my kid's lives. It's a great way to bond and open up the conversation.


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