Blog Candy and/or Video?

Hmmmm Been seeing a lot of people doing videos and giving blog candies. So should I or shouldn't I? I should be expecting a 2 packages from SU.. Good thing to video? The only thing... I hate my voice! blah!

I think I will give it a try. Need to dust off the video camera and try it. Also, need to find some items i've purchased but haven't used. I think I have a stamp, a cuttlebug die that i know i won't use... and i know i have some other stuff.

let me know if anyone would be interested in seeing my items i've purchased ! LOL I won't do any tutorials.. i am not creative... Ohhh i bought a BIA maybe I can show my fustration in doing a word book! I know i'll mess up alot! But then again.. you will be hearing too many cuss words! LOL ..

We shall see what happens!

--Pleasant dreams!



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