Surgery Date Changed! (No craft today) :(

Well, went to the Dr. today and there was a scheduling problem. I had hoped to get my surgery on the 20th but then the miscommunication happened. So they moved it to the 21st! One day whats the big deal you may say. Well We had planned on going to Panama Beach Florida & Augusta George on the 26 and i wanted a more days of recovery! Well.. I emailed to see if they can do it this FRIDAY! Which was the plan but I had that mishappen before the 20th surgery date! UGH!

I am in depression mode! I can't seem to sleep at times. I just lay here! I had to force myself to get up from bed today i'm here! posting.. and Your comments really helped!

I want to thank everyone to for their comments. (for some reason, i can't post a comment not even on my own website)! Well thank you! I can't believe people actually come to my website! LOL. Thank you Erica for your words of encouragement!


Happy Crafting!!



  1. When you've had the Op., you will be glad you couldn't make Panama and Georgia! Because you will go later on when you've recovered and you'll enjoy it more, because you will be fitter, healthier and slimmer!!!
    Viv xx


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