ok... I am going to get the lap band surgery. I am scheduled to have my operation on July 20th. I am on my 2nd day of a liquid diet. It consists of 14 days of all protein shakes. They are pretty gross and i am pretty hungry. I have to have 3 - 5 shakes a day as a meal. I can have water and crystal light drink. Hmmmm.. Major HUNGRY HEADACHES!

I cheated ugh! I know I know.. I had a spear of pickle, crackers and some cheese these past two day! UGH... I know i shouldn't. But goodness with just protein shakes in my system.. eww i had to have something to chew. So i'm sucking on life savers, tic tacs. Somethign to curb my hunger!

I am pretty scared. but i know its all for the best. I am so tired of being fat. I have no idea what is it to be fit. Never been skinny. I just want to be able to walk without getting tired. I wanna feel good about myself.

Well wish me luck! I will try to post everyday. I have no idea if anyone is reading this. If someone is reading leave me a comment! If not, oh well.. this is my venting and my journal. :)


I'll have my little ticker thingie on the side to keep track of my weight :)


  1. I'm reading it Kat!!! Funnily enough a dear friend of mine is at exactly the same stage as you!! She is on shakes ,but is allowed to eat vegetables. No protein, 'coz it's in the shakes, but she can have stir fries! Would you believe, she's sick of them!
    She has to do this to prove she's motivated!
    You will succeed and like my friend, will be having the last laugh when you're both all slim and I'm still not so slim!
    Good for YOU!!!
    Viv xx


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