Inspired by Shawns's Video...

So last night I was up late on the Cricut message board and decided to view a video that I saw a fellow member post. So i go take a look... OOOOOOOOOOO! I LOVE IT. So this morning I was upset because well, if you look at the card I attempted to make below... Its DISGUSTING!

I logged into some site: cuttlebug spot and they have a challenge (inside counts) So Hmmm.. I want to try what Shawna did, but I don't have that embossing folder... What to do? So i just did it with the devine swirl cuttlebug folder.

I think it turned out ok? I embossed the swirls. Its a bit different but i like it.

Hope you like it SHAWNA! Thanks for the inspiration!
You can visit Shawns website @ to view the video.


  1. Oh, you are so super, super, super SWEET!!! I think it turned out WONDERFUL!!!! I am so glad you were inspired!!! This just goes to show, how you can take a idea and run with it!!! :)
    By the way I love your blog!!! Let me know if you ever have any questions or want to see how something specific is done. Happy Creating!!!
    Thxs for the wonderful post about me!!! You sure know how to make someone feel special!!!

    I hate it - that you can't leave me comments!! I don't know why its not letting you! =(

  2. I agree that you did a fabulous job! D'Vine Swirl is one of my favorite embossing folders. So pretty! Great take on this weeks Cuttlebug Spot challenge! Thanks for joining us!

  3. I think your card is great and I wanted to encouage you on your surgery plans. My neighbor did it in March. She's still so excited and has been able to stop 3 medications. She has to exercise, but says she doesn't have any desire to overeat anymore. I'm on a conventional diet myself...self-imposed, so that I can stop taking high blood pressure meds. My Dr., assured me that if I exercise 30 mins. daily (brisk walking counts) and lose 30 lbs. I'll be able to. I love walking and I'm doing it, but the food thing will likly be an on-going battle. What I have going for me is I lost 25 lbs., 4 yrs. ago..just couldn't keep it off. Card-making helps..don't wanna' get any grease & crumbs or spilled soda on my creations. God Bless and I will read your progress reports now & then. Stay strong. Erica

  4. Great card! I love how it opens.

  5. How cool! I love what you have done with the embossed part! So clever! Thanks for joining us at The Cuttlebug Spot!


  6. Just beautiful! I love how it opens up!

  7. I think it is beautiful! Thanks for joining us at The Cuttlebug Spot! KarenB


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