craft or diet journal???

Ok.. so the title of this blog says scarpbooking and crafting. I have not yet created anything big. I have done a couple of cards. I did use my cricut, cuttlebug and stamps for it! So i used all my tools! I have not done any layouts! UGH i have the pictures i want to use but i only have two i want to add more photos! Hmmm i'm still thinking what colors, fonts, embellishments..etc.. i want to use.

Well, since my last post, i did eat on Wednesday. Why? I was having terrible headaches! I emailed my advocate at the dr. office. I just explained my terrible headaches and if its possible for me to add like a strawberry to the shakes. Well, I was waiting for the email reply.. THEN the phone rings! Its her! She goes, " Kathy, Dr. C wants to talk to you! " I was freaking out! I am in BIG trouble! Well he picks up and ask what is happening... i tell him. He goes ok, if you feel you need to cheat. Then have a small dinner of chicken or steak with a green vegetables. Only like every 3 days! .. So i ate a nice meal that day.

My next dinner will be on Saturday. I am going to try to hold out! Lets see how that works out..

I will post a few scrap items i've purchased to make this more of a craft update too! LOL


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