Non-crafting week... :(

So i have not been in the mood to craft this week. Made a few ornamets tag frames for work for my students pictures.. but been feeling very blah this week. I have yet to do a card challenge.

I'm gazing over to my left as i t ype and looking at my supplies.. Hmmm... just not feeling it. No inspiration!

Maybe i'll go head over to youtube and look at some videos for some inspiration.


Been waiting on my stampin up stuff to arrive. I order it In november 15.. and still nothing! Supposedly people are turnign in orders lates so that makes our orders late.. Oh well, that was my last month with them.. I had to drop out of the club to do financial reasons.. and to be honest.. shipment cost and delays were a major factor.

well I'll blog another time.. Youtube here I come!


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