I'm Back!

Well, its been a while since i lasted posted! We left for our annual mini xmas vacation to the coast. As usually the weather was blah. It rained for the last two days.. cold and drizzle. I spent the days laying down on the bed... then yesterday my back went out! So here i sit with a heating pad on my back! UGH! Oh well.

So its been 6 days since i've crafted!! I'm aching to craft but Fern is in the other room and I do not want to disturb him. So I'm catching up on my crafting videos and decided to change up my blog.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! This year we do not have a party to DJ at so what are we to do? Just spend it here at home and drink! I really want to have a game night party but don't have the funds to fund it! I"m not into the fireworks stuff so it would be lame for my sister and her family to come.

Tomorrow I'll post my new years resolution! Which I will try to keep! maybe i'll do some crafts a wee bit later! :)



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