Life after SURGERY! ??

Ok.. I think i'm ready to tell what happened when i went into surgery. IF some of you all don't know, I had the LAPBAND surgery on July 20th. I've heard its fairly simple surgery just 4 small incisions.

Well, when doc went in... LOW AND BEHOLD he found i had a HIATAL HERNIA! What is that!? Well, at the bottom of my esphogas it goes through a muscle to go to my stomach..well.... my stomach decided to up the passage where my esphogas was. Usually you have symptoms (heartburn... belching..etc). Didn't have any symptoms. Well doc fixed it.. pulled down my stomach and stitched the muscle close so only my esphogas goes through. Then he did my lapband!

Well this was my 1st ever surgery in my life! I woke up in pain! I hurt to cough.. Nursers go me up quick to change and leave! just two hours of recovering (sleeping--well knocked out!).

1st & 2nd day i took my pain meds and was knocked out most of the time. Barely drank water or my broth (food). My 3rd day.. had lots of phlegm and chest hurting.. 4th day... had to call dr. Said wanted me to come in.. Dr. had to remove all the saline from the band. (PAINFUL) He stuck a big needle about two inches above my bellybotton (where port is at) and pushed in to stick the needle to take out the saline. It hurt like a SON of B******!!! but felt better.

Then by sunday.. we were off to vacation. I was to be on a soft mushy diet.. but it was hard.. ate mashed potatoes but got tired of it... could only eat one shrimp.. but a few days later was able to eat more. I'm on regular food now.. just have to minimize my food intake. to 1/4 c of protein and 1/4 c of veggies.. which you would is way too little.. but it fills me up. I am still filling hunger about 2 hrs later.. so I am thinking I need to get a fill to make my band tighter... so my food says in my pouch longer. I go to Dr. on monday!

So far i've lost about 20lbs. 14 of those lbs was lost during my 2 week protein shake diet. I'm kind of sad but this is a gradual weight loss, unlike the gastric bypass where its off fast but then you get all that NASTY sagging skin... EWW! So I really have to work to lose weight. :)

So thats my story....I took lots of pics during vacation.. so i have lots of scrapping to do.. just feel tried and sore still. School would be starting soon.. so i'll be busy working and doing lessons. I will be using my cricut to do phonemic aids, and classroom decor.

Well thats my story! :)


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