OY VAY!!! The urge to buy...

Hmmm.. I'm on a ban! Yes i say a BAN! ugly 3 letter word for us crafters! Why do you say I am on a ban? well, i'm going to CHICAGO at the end of july to see my BFF !! YAY KARLA!! haven't seen her in years.. and hmmmm CHA is in chicago too.. so we are going to CHA on FRIDAY JULY 29! yay.. SO I HAVE TO SAVE MY $$!

The urge is killing me! been seeing lots of youtube videos of hauls! I need to stop! i can't even scrap right now! Maison has been staying with us and her bed is in my crafting area! well our room.

Maison has a recruiting softball camp this weekend at round rock, tx and well IKEA and Joanns are right next to each other!! OYYYY the pain !!! what to do! Thing is its Fernando's birthday on friday then fathers day on sunday! YIKES! so i guess i shoudl buy him a present.. maybe IKEA.. he does want this TV stand he eyed last time we were there!! Hmmm just maybe! If he's lucky! The FOOL!

So FOO! or FOOL ! is my word of the week! been using it alot!! too funny! well it think it is...

well gotta go see more vids!

********************** EDIT ********************
10:35 pm

Well, right after i posted them.. i went on to youtube and saw the stamps for $1.. i couldn't resist! Thanks goodness there was only 1 stamp set! GOSH... i'm sooo WEAK !!! I'm a sucker for stamps... :(



  1. I'm on a ban too :/ DH has put his foot down - he just dropped $230 on the Oh My Crafts Memorial day bundle for me and so now, because we have to travel to Vancouver for my daughter's grad on the 24th and stay at a hotel and blablabla he says no more craft orders for a couple months. I swore up and down I wouldn't ask again but I had my fingers crossed - hahaha. Poor man.

  2. Hi, I found your blog thru Momo ! Great idea to save for CHA :) I'm jealous :) Have a wonderful time :)

  3. LOL thanks ladies... my ban was lifted! after i posted this.... i went to big lots and bought 2 martha stewart stamps! HELLO $1.. can't beat that!! LOL...i'm a sucker for stamps!!


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