Seriously.... I have an ADDICTION!

I am so obsessed with watching those YOUTUBE VIDEOS... Then it makes me want to go out to shop... and I did! Some money came in from selling my paper..Just have one paper pack left... So 1st thing i did is go to Michaels.. Founds some awesome paper pads for 4 bucks! Then NExt day went to Hobby lobby and 2 michaels in search of a license plate stamp which I found.

So what i'm doing is selling stuff! I had a DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION WII game sold it to my sister... I had bought it for my Step daughter but she only used it once.. She has been in the dog house for a while! So i said.. i'm gonna sellf it! I did for $40 to my sister for the kids.. They got a Wii for xmas. ANd i sold another game..w hich my 6 year old niece bought i said 8 but she only had $7.. so I asked for 10 kisses! :) hehehe.. She was happy! Then she goes.. HA.. i have like 20's in my wallet! GRRRRRR... LOL

So.. anyone need a kidney? LOL ohh i shouldn't joke! But seriously.. I need to stop! Being overweight you might think i'll spend money on food..well since we are broke.. only one roll of toilet paper.. ya think i'd go buy stuff.. NO! NO! I went to buy scrap supplies! I get paid on Friday... this has been the longest 5 weeks ever!! I have wish list going at TWO PEAS in a bucket.. but ugh!!! :( I know i can't! But i wanna!

I hope i'm not like the only one who is like this. My boyfriend says i have OCD... I get so obsessed with somethign that I go overboard with it! He's right! :( I need to start taking my meds again! :/

Just venting....



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