Friday Update....

Its been a trying week. Had to wake up early to take my stepdaughter to her softball camp then go back a few hours later to pick her up. Then Yesterday was my BF b-day had to plan the meal for his dinner party also had to take SD to buy him a gift, get my hair cut.. etc.. blah!

I was thinking today I need to do something during the summer besides scrapbook & make cards! I have the whole summer off! So, i just need bite the bullet and LOSE weight! Then at the cricut message board I saw a post about weight watchers. Hmmm.. I did that years ago and it worked! So i decide to do this! Tomorrow I will start WW on my own. Then I saw OKIE's post about losing weight! Hmmmm this is a SIGN!

I had planned on getting the LapBand surgery. I still have that plan as long as my insurance will pay for it. I go next month to make sure everything is in order. I've seen pictures of myself and it makes me cry. I am huge. I can't believe i let myself get this way.

My BF left to go fishing my gift to him to go alone. LOL ok.. i let him do something alone all the time. Makes me feel better saying I let him go! So all weekend I am not venturing outside! I am not leaving the house. If i leave I will spend $$$. I have been spending TOO MUCH $$$$ !!! I need to STOP !!

So tomorrow. WEIGHT WATCHERS. EXERCISE & DON"T LEAVE HOME !! Those are my Goals! ohh yeah NO SNACKING !!!!



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