OK.. Yes i know I said I was going to go on a DIET! I did for 1/2 a day then everything went down hill! Still have not gotten back on the wagon! I need to went to Dr's and boy was I suprised @ the number! HIJOLE!

In regards to my creative side!? Well, I joined the inchie challenge. Still don't know what theme to do it in. I am hoping this will get me more active in creating instead of just buying. I do really have problems! I spend on my craft yet I don't create!!

Back to my life when i am not shopping for crafts.... Well, yesterday was the last day of taking my Step daughter to softball camp ! I said to myself YAY! I don't have to wake up early. Yet this morning I found myself awake @ 4:45??? WHAT !!! So I saw some TV, got up made breakfast for BF, did laundry then went to Michaels to return items that I really didn't need. Just spend 2.64 when i was there on clearance items.

OHHHH BIG NEWS!! Completely forgot why I was going to post! I ordered my ATG gun last night! It was a little bit more expensive but OMG.... by this morning my purchase receipt was in the email. I paid for it through paypal... 5 mins later I got an email saying shipping label was printed. I emailed seller asked by when will it be shipped? She emailed back 1 min later saying .. it will be out in TODAYS MAIL!!! YAY! THE WAITING GAME BEGINS!!!

Well thats all for now... Softball tournament this week... temp has been in the 100's! I feel so bad for our young ladies playing! :( Pray that we win!!



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