Yikes! Happy NEW YEAR!!

Wow!! Its been since  September 3rd since i posted something.  Its about the same time i stopped making cards and like the 3rd week of the school year.  SO i have been BUSY!!  So i think i'm settled into work now. LOL Yeah like 5 months later!

So yeah work has been keeping me busy and me being a bum mostly.  But i'm trying to get back to crafting. i didn't even do cards for Christmas this year.  I did do some tags for the gifts.

So I am going to do some New Years Scrappy Resolutions.... Which are:

  1. SMASH BOOK--- I bought this thing like last year and still nothing is in it!  Gotta do that and probably do a vid of me doing stuff in it.
  2. Layout a week: I want to try to do 1 layout a week.
  3. Make more cards. Especially for challenges in which i win stuff!! LOL i love winning stuff!
  4. Don't buy anymore stuff!!  As of right now I have one order coming in from SU and SC stuff, which has some Last call items i bought.   
    •  The only thing i can buy are :
      • Adhesive
      • White paper (12x12) for my layouts i love scrapping on a white background but i so need to try to use my stuff from my SC kits. Hmmm.. iffy on this one.. 
      • I can only buy stuff with money from what i sell on the Scrapyard.  as of right now i have $30 in my acct.. need to buy those 12x6 baggies for my thickers. 
      • And only my SC kits that i've sub'd to.  I am going to bow out of the card kit, i just didn't like it enough to continue.. After 6 months i'm gone!  Feb will be my last month. 
     5.  Kill my STUDIO Calico Kits!! Gotta use my stuff!!    

I believe thats it..  How does that sound???   Hmmmmmm 

Next post will be my cARD challenge i did and a vid.    




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